Barnes and Noble hosts book fair


Madison Reed is helping some of the kids at the book fair with arts and crafts. Even with many changes, she kept a positive attitude at each station. Photo by Michaela Detwiler

On Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012, ten National Junior Honor Society members attended the Barnes and Noble book fair.  When the members arrived, they found that there would be a change in the agenda for the three hours they were there.

“Members need 10 hours of community service,” advisor Autumn Barry-Kyle said.

“The Altoona Library took over our job, and we didn’t have anything to do,”  Brittany Good explained.

The members of the Honor Society that attended the book fair were supposed to wrap gifts, but they ended up standing around an empty table.  On this empty table, there were supposed to be cheesecake samples.  The person in charge of getting the samples continued to tell the members that he would get them samples, but that didn’t happen.

After the mix up, the members were moved to the arts and craft station where three children visited  them.  The girls that attended enjoyed helping the children with their crafts.

There were many opportunities in the past for community service hours.

“I’m sure there will be, but there are always ongoing opportunities with the Gloria Gates Foundation and the A.R.C.  I just don’t know of any planned events,” Barry-Kyle said.

Members can always access Barry-Kyle’s website for upcoming meetings and community service hours.  The website is

Sylvia Lombardo, Stephanie Davis, Lucas Smith and Zach Bender pose for a picture at the book fair. They walked around to keep the kids entertained. Photo by Michaela Detwiler.