NASCAR in a flash: The best of 2012


This is one of the wrecks at Dover which is the number 20 car of Joey Logano

In the beginning of the season at the Daytona 500, Juan Pablo Montoya driver of the number 42 car ran into the jet dryer under a caution. In the end of the season, Nascar crowned the new Sprint Cup Series champion Brad Keselowski who beat the five time champion Jimmie Johnson. Then there was Johnson who finished third in points.

In the first race of the season at Daytona, Montoya came off pit road and was in the back of the track. All of a sudden, he runs into the jet dryer drying of the track! There usually is a big wreck at Daytona but usually at the end of the race, but the cars are the ones wrecking into each other. Like in 2007 Clint Bowyer slide on the roof of his car. When its the final laps in the race that is when the big wrecks happen.

The final race is the one to watch. That is when the crown the champion of the series! This year it was Keselowski who claimed the title. In the begining of the race, Keselowski had a couple points ahead of Johnson. By the end of the race they were 50 points apart and Johnson was in third for the points. Keselowski was the champion with Bowyer in second for the points.

There were many things  that went wrong in the chase for Johnson. He had a couple races he could not finish because he wrecked and could not come back out to finish the race. In the final race at Homestead, he did not finish because his car had mechanical failure. Then he finished third in points and did not win his sixth championship. It was an exciting season for Nascar fans; there were wrecks,crashes and a new champion.

This is one of the wrecks at Dover which is the number 20 car of Joey Logano photo courtesy of  hjhipster