Auto-motive vehicle of the week


Even though we are not at the point in our lives when we can legally drive a car most of us still probably dream of owning the fastest or the most masculine car in the world. So with that said the Automotive vehicle of the week is the 1968 SS Chevy Chevelle. This vehicle has been a high demanded car since it came out in 1968.

It has solid lifters, big-port heads and an 800-cfm Holley four-barrel on a low-rise aluminum manifold. Even though the car rode harshly on its suspension when it first came out it yet allowed the nose to porpoise over bumps.

Even though the muncie four-speed didn’t shift with near the smoothness of other vehicles in 1968 it still ran with the competition with its L78 in its holster, an SS 396 was a match for almost anything coming out of rival showrooms. It idled awkwardly when it was first made, but it still ran with the best on the streets.