School starts too early

Photo courtesy of Livewire.

Photo courtesy of Livewire.

Let’s face it, no one gets up in the morning and is wide awake and ready to start the school day. Everyone always complains about school beginning too early, and it does.

First of all, students get to school at the crack of dawn to start learning. This is such a bad idea. Everyone is in a bad mood because of the fact that they a.) didn’t get enough sleep b.) didn’t eat breakfast or c.) stressing out over a test they didn’t have time to study for. Honestly, not one person goes to bed at the right time to feel energized in the morning. People have other things to do outside of school. I personally have dance five days a week, and it is something I feel is necessary if I want my dancing career to go further. There are some nights that I stay up until midnight trying to get my homework done. They tell us to get involved, be active and just plainly do something. How am I supposed to do that, homework, and still get the recommended eight hours of sleep?

Also, doctors say that the students’ brains aren’t functioning at their fullest potential until ten a.m. But thank goodness students can learn how to speak German at eight o’clock in the morning. Everyone is angry that they have to be here so early. So why not start an hour later and have the students actually engaged in the subjects and conversations in the classrooms. This could improve grades and school could potentially be something that students enjoy coming to. If school ended later, it would be worth it if the students had a better attitude toward school. Students spend most of their daily lives here at school, so why can’t it be an enjoyable experience?

To close, school is something that is very valuable and it shouldn’t be taken it for granted. That being said, students should be able to concentrate fully while at school. School should start later.