Lunch options needed


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The thought of being able to eat a Sheetz cheese pretzel for lunch brings a satisfying thought to a student’s brain.  Schools all over the world allow students to leave school premises during lunch hour.

To accomplish this the only thing that might need to change is the time allotted for lunch.  Students will need more than half an hour to eat lunch.  It may cause some confusion for a little while, but it would be a break for students and a break for school staff too.  Students should be able to have a certain amount of time to go and eat lunch at the place they so desire. Simply get rid of the homeroom periods and there is more time for lunch.

People argue back and say, “ What if students do not come back at the hour they’re supposed to?” “ What if students leave and never come back?”  Stop asking about the “What if’s” and just think about how happy students will be to know that the school trusts them enough to give them that type of freedom.  If students choose to disobey and not come back to finish their classes, then they must get a punishment, and they can’t go out to during their lunch period for a certain amount of time.

Throughout the day, students work and work for hours, and they should be able to have some sort of break during the school day. This is a gift for the students, and if they don’t take that into consideration then they don’t deserve this opportunity . Letting students have this chance gives the teachers an advantage. It allows teachers to see how students act and to see if teachers can have faith in the students.   It will show that the students can be more responsible.