Girls struggle to live up to media images

Credit to Common Creative Images

Credit to Common Creative Images

In today’s society, a lot of teenage girls are concerned about their appearances.  Teenage girls talk about how they are overweight or ugly. They strive to have the perfect eyes, hair, legs arm and stomach. They are so self conscious about it because of social media.

On social media networks, everyone always sees models or celebrities posting pictures of themselves in skimpy outfits. If they have the body, they think they can show it off. There is nothing wrong with being proud of their body, but posting it on social media for the girls who have insecurities problems isn’t always the best decision.

Every year, Victoria Secret televises a walkway model show. When the show is on, social media is on fire with comments, tweets, pictures and post about it. Unfortunately, they tend to be rude. The pages say “ all girls should have a body like a model.” These comments bring teenage girls down because they think in order to be accepted or liked, they have to look like a model.

According to, 75% of girls with low self esteem reported negative activities like cutting and bullying. They’re saying girls have low self-esteem because of the negative comments someone says about them. Just like the pages made about looking like a model.

There is nothing wrong with being a model, but when anyone has follow certain qualifications it’s not worth it. Models have done interviews saying the procedures they have to go through in order to be model. They have to have a certain calorie limit or exercising schedule. No one should be told what they should eat or how many hours they should exercise.

Media has two sides when it comes to this important topic. One side says “If you have insecurities about yourself go talk to someone about your problems and stop blaming the models and the companies.” The other says something completely different. They say, “ Lets meet current and past models and see what they went through before, during and after their careers. They had strict diets and exercising schedules. Some models went though disorders in order to be a model.

There is nothing wrong with a company displaying its products. Some models work for the bodies they have.  If a company specifically says they don’t want larger girls wearing their clothes, that is beyond disrespectful. Abercrombie and Fitch’s CEO, Mike Jeffries  said, Abercrombie is only interested in people with washboard stomachs who look like they’re about to jump on a surfboard.” He is saying he doesn’t want anything but washboard stomachs. Not everyone has a washboard stomach. That is where companies need to change their advertisements.

Every girl should be comfortable in their own body regardless of their size. No one should ever feel they need to lose weight or have a perfect face to wear clothes or be a model.  Unfortunately because of the disrespectful comments said by Mike Jeffries, girls feel the need to look perfect. Every girl is beautiful no matter their size or looks.