District changes busing schedule


This picture shows children entering the school bus.

Letters have been sent home notifying students’ guardians of changes happening to  bus schedules. Buses have changed their scheduled pick-up and drop-off times. The letter also notifies guardians that audio and video recording may be being used on their buses.

 Those driven to school will remain unaffected by these changes.

 These took effect on Dec. 9, 2014. Multiple buses have been changed by this.

“I think there are a total of approximately eight buses affected,” Principal Lori Mangan said.

 Some buses were having difficulty sticking to the arrival and pick up times.

“We had some Amtran buses that were arriving between 10 after three and a quarter after three,” Mangan said. “Obviously the students had to wait outside in inclimate weather. Those buses were doing runs for the BG (Bishop Guilfoyle) school prior to that, and they were having to take those students home. By then it was well past our dismissal time. It has tremendously helped our issue of the students having to wait for their buses in the afternoon.”

 The problems with the arrival and departure times is related to the Bishop Guilfoyle school bus dismissal.

“There’s a shuttle bus, a shuttle bus that’s yellow and a shuttle bus for Amtran, that goes to BG and picks those students up. It shuttles them to the high school (AAHS) or the junior high (AAJHS). They then remain on those buses or get off and get onto a different bus that is lined up at the high school-junior high school complex,” Mangan said.

 Amtran, the Student Transportation System and Kathy Hazenstab have been consulted to about the issues.

“We have been talking to our transportation department and Amtran for quite some time about this. It was with communication with Amtran officials, our Student Transportation System, as well as Kathy Hazenstab, who works and oversees the transportation here at the district,” Mangan said.

 The buses are still in the same lineup at the junior high and high school.

 The buses have had video recording for several years. Now, they have the technology to record audio. Not every bus will be constantly recording audio.

Students getting on school bus. Picture by ebpilgrim and Creative Common Images
Students getting on school bus. Picture by ebpilgrim and Creative Common Images