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Paws and Claws: Everything about pets
A green tree frog sitting on someone arms. Photo credit: Photo by: Shellie @ Firefly Creek
A green tree frog sitting on someone arms.
Photo credit:
Photo by: Shellie @ Firefly Creek

What is green, small and soft all over? The answer is a green tree frog. This is one of the two types of green tree frogs in American. Shae Imler owns an American green tree frog, whose name is Prince.

“I got the frog after a long time of begging my parents to get me one. My aunt took me out to get it without telling my parents,” Imler said.

This isn’t one of the best ways to get a pet though, your parents probably wouldn’t be too happy about it.

You also need to meet the proper care requirements.

“I have to clean out the tank once a week and change the water every  other day,” Imler said.

The frogs must be kept in a 10 gallon tank with a screen for the top. There should be decorations of sticks and driftwood. Also there should be fake plants. You must be very cautious about this, anything you find outside must be soaked in a mild bleach solution, then in water, then let it dry thoroughly. This is important to keep your frog safe.

“They eat baby flies and crickets,” Imler said.

In order to keep the frog happy, use an under the cage heater. It must be kept under a rock, and not wood! The frog can catch diseases if it is handled too much or if it eats insects that fly into it’s cage.

“I’ve had him for two years, and I got him at Uncle Ben’s in Duncansville,” Imler said.

These are delicate creatures. If owners take good care of them and pay attention to their special needs, then the green tree frog should live for a healthy six years.

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    SHELBIE BOSSLERJan 15, 2013 at 7:37 pm

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