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JV boys’ basketball teams finish-up their seasons

Seventh grade white boys basketball team waits patiently for the referee to call a foul.  The game was played on Jan. 7, 2015 and they went up against State College.
Seventh grade white boys basketball team waits patiently for the referee to call a foul. The game was played on Jan. 7, 2015 and they went up against State College.

Though the weather is freezing and the basketball season has officially come to an end, there are many hot plays and close games to be remembered.

There are four teams that make up the boys’ junior varsity team, just like the girls’ junior varsity team, and they’ve been working hard at practices and tryouts since November.  Though not only have the players been working hard, but it goes the same for the coaches: Jamie Morris coaches seventh grade white, Josh Adams coaches seventh grade maroon, Erik Kessinger coaches eighth grade white and Tim Carter is in charge of the eighth grade maroon.  Their records for the 2014-15 season stand at the eighth grade white team at 13-6, eighth grade maroon at 8-8, seventh grade white and maroon at 9-6.

Even having a split record of 8-8, the eighth grade maroon boys still have a positive outlook on their season.

“It wasn’t too good in the beginning, but it got better towards the end of the season because we started to play better together and we got to know each other better,” Carson Weyandt, an eighth grade maroon player said.

The coach, Tim Carter, has similar feelings, saying that the season started low and finished strong.

Along with their thoughts on the season, the coach and the players also share the same opinion on their top scorers.

“Our player who make the most points are Tyler Robinson, Connor Adams, Nick Odellick and Nate Cherry,” Carter said.

Weyandt said the same thing, only leaving out player Nick Odellick.

The eighth grade white team has the same opinion on their season that the maroon had on theirs; they end the season at a record of 13-6 and count it as a victory.

“Good because we had our ups and downs, but we still came out strong,” Mitch Lawhead, an eighth grade white player said.

The players share Lawhead’s feelings.

“It went good compared to last year–we did worse last year,” Jarron Standridge, another player for the team said.

Their biggest competition is Hollidaysburg, Williams Port and State College due to the schools’ athletic players.

Though, some players have different opinions when it comes to why they lost the games they did.

“I think half of them we should have lost–two of them we should have lost and the others we should have won; the two games against Hollidaysburg we should have won,” Standridge said.

Contradicting Standridge’s statement, some other boys just think they lost because they didn’t play well enough.

Along with the two eighth grade teams, there are also two seventh grade teams who both held records of 9-6.  The seventh grade maroon was coached by Josh Adams and they also feel good about their season.

“It went pretty good because we won a lot of games,” Dominic Clouser, seventh grade maroon center said.

Though, the boys seemed more excited to talk about the plays they made then their season as a whole.

“Yes!  My three-pointer at the end of the game to win the tied game against Hollidaysburg–and I dunked on them,” Jessiah Witherspoon said.

Some players disagree on who their competition was–or if they even had any at all.

In Witherspoon’s case, he votes no.

“We had not competition–none of them, oooh, killers,” Witherspoon said jokingly.

Though, Clouser has a different opinion, saying that he thought Mount Nittany was the most challenging team to handle.

Even with their 6 losses, the boys don’t let it get them down.

“We’ll just come back next year and start dunking,” Witherspoon said.

The last–but not least–team is the seventh grade white team, who stand at 9-6 also and were also happy with their season like the rest of junior varsity.

“Pretty good–well, I did good, but I don’t know about my team,” PJ Charles, a seventh grade white player said.

“Fairly well because we didn’t have a losing record,” Alex Berardinelli, another player with a similar opinion said.

The team’s hardest competition was Hollidaysburg and State College and the team is frustrated with their losses because of how many close games they could have won but lost.

Though, the players’ opinions differ on the topic of playtime each player gets.  Berardinelli believes that everyone gets an equal amount of playtime most of the time, but it depends.

Charles believes differently.

“No, I don’t think we all get an equal amount of playtime because some kids are better than others and that’s just how it is,” Charles said.

No matter which team or grade the boys are in, most of them will be looking forward to coming back next season and having another successful season.

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