Keep on rocking me baby



The End” By Mayday Parade

Songs always have a story or bigger meaning.  Only the artist knows what that deeper meaning is.  Usually listeners find their own meaning in the song.  They take what they want from it, and they use it to fit them because that’s how music works.  Society connects to music and finds a part of themselves in the music.

This song has a lot of meanings to the artist and the people listening.  It relays a message to people.  The artist wants the listener to find that message and use it how they took it.  All music is that.  Music gives advice.  It’s a friend when you need one.  Music is there for a listener since that person was just a little thing in their mom’s belly.  Music will always be here,  helping us through our darkest times.


We tried to fight for what we thought that we believed in

Maybe it was all for nothing ( I bet that it was all for nothing)

So we drive’ cause we like to be alone

There’s nowhere for us to go

There’s nowhere for us to go


How can you think that any of this was easy

With all the friends I’ve lost along the way?

When this is over, we’re all getting older now

And we all play a part in it

Innocence is falling, can you hear them calling now?

But I’ll be by your side until the end


We tried to fight, I guess sometimes you find it’s pointless

As long as you can live with yourself

(Tell me how you live with yourself)

So it’s time that we take the open road

There’s nowhere for us to go

There’s nowhere for us to go