Healthy Shamrock Shake!

It is that time of year again, Shamrock Shakes are back! Millions of teenagers are just excited as I am with the treat. But did the students know, that Shamrock Shakes are over 600 calories? I didn’t either until after closely looking at a McDonald’s Drive-Thru Sign. But, these shakes won’t be here much longer, so why not make a healthier version when the students are craving the shakes in April or May. Also, maybe the students want a healthier alternative, that is half the calories. Or maybe right now the students want to save the 4.00 dollars, rather than spending it on an unhealthy dessert.

1 cup of greens or spinach
1 handful of fresh mint
1 cup almond milk
½ cup unsweetened coconut cream
½ cup ice
3-5 whole dates
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
a few drops pure peppermint oil

Directions: Add all of the ingredients on the list in a blender and blend until evenly distributed. Pour into a glass. Enjoy! Use a green straw for a more festive feel. Makes 1-2 shakes.