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Students give up too soon

Picture of Anna DeRubeis by Sarah Harmon

Students struggle to pay attention in class due to nice weather and the approaching summer vacation.

It’s finally May! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and grades are well, dying. Contrary to popular belief, May’s calendar does not include the final day of school. Although the snow has melted and the summer breeze is taking effect, school is not over, nor will be over, for the next few weeks.

 The reason it seems that kids are giving up early is honestly confusing. School is still in session.. Teachers are still taking grades and Keystones still have to be taken. If anything, students should be studying and working harder than ever before. They have worked so hard for the past nine months that giving up now and getting bad grades is doing a disfavor to themselves and all the effort they put in throughout the year. Instead of working hard and doing what they owe themselves, many take a long stride backward. Working hard toward the end of the year seems to be nonexistent. People should be trying to boost their grades not trying to get zeros.

 If the results of the Keystones were to come back with failed results, this is a big problem. In the next year a refresher course needs to be added into failing students’ already planned out schedules. This means one less elective for this half year course. Then in the oncoming year students must try, yet again, at the failed Keystones, along with the ones that must be taken in the new grade. These must be passed in order to pass high school. Instead of trying to retake them the next year, and forgetting half the knowledge retained on the subject, actual try and pass them the first time.

Just because grades are taken at the end of the year, doesn’t mean they are useless. Try and put the best foot forward for the remaining weeks, only a couple days until summer anyway.

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