McDonald’s bans students


Photo by Sarah Harmon

Students cause many problems for the McDonald’s in the Station Mall Plaza.  McDonald’s made a very intelligent choice in regards to the situation.  If students are going to act in a disrespectful manner to the businesses around the school then why should the business let them be on their property.

What happened at McDonald’s restaurant wasn’t just a one time incident.  Many times in the past students have been asked to leave McDonald’s because of childish behavior.  It was just a matter of time before things got even more problematic and McDonald’s would take a stand and not allow students back on the property. Also, the  parents of students are blaming McDonald’s for the disrespectful behavior their kids are displaying. The kids that cause the problems for McDonald’s should be the ones to blame. McDonald’s is just trying to keep their business in order.

After school hours  are one of the hardest times for McDonald’s.  Students come in and treat the business poorly.  Some students just go there to sit, and they don’t even purchase an item.  This is a business trying to make money.  If students are not going to obey the rules then why should McDonald’s allow them to be served.  They are a business trying to make profit, and if students are just going to use McDonald’s as a personal hangout hub then it will be difficult for McDonald’s to keep a business.

Also,  the violent behavior of those students was not appropriate.  If students are going to act in that kind of way than McDonald’s was right to close off the restaurant for children.  Students should never resort to violence especially to an adult.  Students need to be more mature than this.  Plus, if kids that complain about not being able to go to McDonald’s then they should have thought about the consequences  before all of these incidents happened.  Students put all of this on themselves and the students that were not involved got the collateral damage from others mistakes. The generation of today is better than all this.  Students need to act their own age and  think before they act.

The only way students are going to go back to McDonald’s is if they show respect and earn back trust from the McDonald’s.  The behavior shown from the students has to improve so that yes, they can attend McDonald’s again only  if they follow the rules and behave properly. They need to treat McDonald’s with respect because it is still a business.