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Image made by averpix.

We are coming up upon the winter break and many gamers are looking for what to spend their spoils of war (money) on.  It is pretty simple to drop a few hundred dollars on just a few items in the gaming world besides even games.  So to assist in your endeavours of being efficient with your money I present to you some of the best gaming tech for little money.

 Something everyone is looking for: the a good mouse.  The Razer Naga is a great option for beginners and pros.  I personally have had my Naga for three years and have yet to have any issues.  This cable has a braided cord so it is extremely resistant to tears and frays.  One of these will cost you about $69.99, but it is very likely the price will drop closer to $45 or $50 after Christmas.

 Another of Razer’s products is the Deathstalker Essential.  This keyboard is the most basic of the Deathstalker series, which includes the essential, chroma and ultimate.  The Chroma is the second tier and costs about $99.99 and the Ultimate costs around $249.99.  The Essential being the most basic will cost around $45.99 to $49.99.  Following the the footsteps of it’s mouse brother it can drop down to about $24.99 duringCchristmas.  The keyboard includes a macro record option right on the keyboard for all your filming needs.  If that isn’t enough, the Deathstalker Ultimate is an option.  It has a LED screen on the keyboard that can display YouTube and Social Media.

And to complete the trio comes the Logitech G35.  Possibly the best deal on the list is the headset from Logitech.  The G35 is part of Logitech’s G series for gaming.  The headset has built in surround sound.  The cable is also braided and only costs around $59.99 or so.  Again it can be expected to drop to $39.99 for Christmas.