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Upcoming model Gigi Hadid

Upcoming model Gigi Hadid
Upcoming model Gigi Hadid

Trends that need to be left in 2015

Some awesome beauty trends are going to be coming out in 2016, but some trends from the past few years are still around, and a lot of them need to be left in 2015.

The first trend that needs to be left in 2015 is forced curls! If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, embrace those curls! A lot of people would die for curly hair, so put down the irons and rock what you’ve got! If you have naturally straight hair there are some ways you can get awesome wavy or curly hair, simply by braids!

 Second of all over drawn boxy brows are so last year, natural brows are in! Over filling the brows can make the face look harsh and that’s not what makeup was made for, lightly color or feather the brows with a tint or an eyeliner that matches your brow hair color. Gigi Hadid is a great example of someone with gorgeous natural eyebrows.

 Last but not least is ombre hair, say good bye to ombre and hello to painted in highlights. The term painted in may sound a little scary at first, but when done right on hair it can be the most beautiful natural looking way to pull off “highlights”. This is also a great way to spice up your hair color in 2016.

 Great tutorials for any of these up and coming beauty trends are up on youtube now!

Happy New Year! And don’t forget makeup was made to enhance your best features, not to change your face!