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In honor of all the games released over the past year this edition will be a countdown of the best games of 2015.  These games could be PC or console exclusives, even mobile games can be chosen.  The only requirement is that it is a game.

 Coming in at number five is Splatoon.  Splatoon is a bright FPS with a twist.  The goal is to keep the map in as much of your team’s paint as possible.  Splatoon is still in it’s early stages so updates and new maps are very common.  This mechanic is so prominent that kill counts almost do not matter at all.

 Number four is the survival horror game Until Dawn.  Until Dawn is the classic group of teenagers that go up to a secluded place for a week.  The game mocks movies of a similar style with cheesy dialog.  Until Dawn uses a dialog system that affects the outcomes of the game.  Be it fighting or romance be careful what you do and say because it can change the game.

 At number three is Fallout 4.  Bethesda as always raises the standards for all games to come.  As with most Bethesda games Fallout 4 features stunning graphics and a large map.  You can make your own guns, craft armor or even make your own settlements into towns.  Fallout 4 has hundreds of hours of game play and the main story, even though it is short, has five different paths.

 Number two is more of a personal favorite but is still a highly rated game.  Rocket League is a simple game where players are rocket powered cars playing football.  Seems like a real life thing to me.  The goal is to make more goals than the opponents.  The most fantastic part of this game is when you get into a voice chat with friends and play.  Rocket League is a lighthearted game that can be enjoyed by all ages.  Rocket League has yet to come out on PS4, but it is available on Steam and Xbox One.

Leading the pack is The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.  The Witcher 3 is best played with a PC as the loading times and graphics are better that way.  Even on soles it is said to be the best game of the year.  The game features a plethora of easter eggs for long time fans to find.  It is available on all platforms, except mobile.  DLCs and updates are still common even though the game is approaching the one year mark.  No matter who you are there is something you can enjoy in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.

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