untitled-infographic (1)Music is the greatest thing since…

New Artist Hits Radio

Music is the greatest thing since Leonardo Dicaprio won an oscar. This week’s greatest thing is Lukas Graham. They are a newer band that just had a single hit the billboard.
Although Lukas Graham has been publishing songs since 2012, nobody has really heard of the group. I didn’t know they existed until the 2015 single was streaming on my phone. I guess it is a band since there are several instrumentalist (Mark Falgren, Kasper Daugaard and Magnus Larsson) behind leader singer, Lukas Graham. These artists were big in Denmark and other European countries.

“7 Years” is probably the most relatable song on the radio. This song talks about the things parents and other people stress to kids while they grow up. The song listed #1 on the newest artist chart.
The newest album, Blue Album, may be their big break. After listening to the album, it’s obvious they are on the edgier side of music, singing about realistic topics. “Mama Said” has a similar message as “7 Years, but is more about family than growing up.

Check out the band and their work on Youtube, Spotify, and Vevo.

7 Years By Lukas Graham