Staff Flyer


This blog every week is about a star staff member at AAJHS.

This week’s staff flyer is Julie Gardner, a ninth grade biology teacher. Gardner went to Penn State for her bachelor’s degree and to Lock Haven for her master’s.

Gardner’s favorite things to do are to shop, read and spend time at the beach. She was also born at Altoona Hospital. She has been a biology teacher for 10 years now, and she likes to teach biology because she feels it can always relate back into real life.

“I wanted to teach because I like teenagers, and I like to help and guide them through an exciting time in their life,” Gardner said.

Her favorite things to teach are DNA, Genetics and Ecology. Throughout the school, students that have her all say she is a great and helpful teacher. She will teach students what biology is all about and teach everything students need to learn in biology.

“I want kids to feel comfortable in my class but to also know there are expectations that have to be met. I try to tell jokes too but most kids don’t think they are funny,” Gardner said.