Staff Flyer


This week’s star staff is a seventh grade English teacher Maggie Lewis. She was born in Altoona and went to Juniata Elementary School, Keith Junior High School and Curwensville High School. Then for college she went to Clarion University, where she got her Secondary English Degree. She also went to Saint Francis University, where she got her Master’s Degree in Education. Lewis has been teaching for 10 years at two different schools in Altoona. Five years at Altoona High School and five years at at Altoona Junior High school.

“My favorite part about teaching is having the chance to affect children’s lives in a positive way,” Lewis said.

Lewis loves to write, and she wanted to share that with her students. She loves to teach creative/personal narrative writing, poetry and literature. Lewis wanted to teach because her ninth grade teacher Mrs. Hoyer introduced her and her class to journal writing. It gave her a way to vent when she needed to and it led her to love writing. She then wanted to inspire others as her teacher inspired her.

She feels that some kids struggle most in getting thoughts from their heads onto paper, also to be motivated to learn on a topic they are not interested in and complex grammar concepts. Even though some students struggle, she is still there to help and overcome the struggles they are having in that class.

“Mrs. Lewis is one of my favorite teachers, she is easy on the homework points, and she understands if we need help. She also explains things well to us so we can understand better what she is teaching,” a student of hers, Parker Cumming said.

Her favorite activities in school are in the music departments, drama club and circle of friends. She loves to be involved in these things in school. She loves to hear and listen to all the activities. Outside of schoo,l she doesn’t just teach she also loves to snuggle with her kids, she loves to watch her sons play sports and she loves to be with family and friends.

At the end of the day she would love all her students to know that they are special, wonderful and have the ability to reach their goals.

“If it was my last day to teach I would say ‘Thank you for all you’ve taught me!’ My students always teach me each year, even though I’m the one who’s supposed to be the teacher,” Lewis said.