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This week’s star staff flyer is the ninth grade Algebra II math teacher Debbie Miller. She has been teaching for 38 years now and at BG, Roosevelt and now at Altoona Jr. High. She went to college at Penn State. She wanted to teach math because it was her favorite subject in school and her seventh grade math teacher helped her to be inspired.

“Out of school, my favorite things to do are read and to take walks,” Miller said.

Her her favorite things to teach are proportions, solving equations and factoring. Over her 38 years of teaching, she taught Math 7, Pre Algebra 7 and 8, Algebra 1A and 1B and now Algebra II. She teaches level two and three classes.

“The most people struggle in parabolas, and I don’t understand why,” Miller said.

 Miller loves math and everything that comes along with it. Even though she likes math, her least favorite thing to do is long division. All in all, Miller would be a great teacher to have now or in the future with lower grades. She teaches math well and knows what she is talking about and that is why she is the star staff.

This is her room and room number on the ninth grade floor. Photo by: gracie shaffer
This is her room and room number on the ninth grade floor. Photo by Gracie shaffer
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