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What are your thoughts on the recent dress code changes?

“I’m fine with the shorts all year round. I’m super happy about not having to tell seventh graders to wear their ID’s , because they are already stressed about enough so I agree that they shouldn’t have to wear them. I don’t have problem with the leggings, and I don’t think they are a distraction,” seventh grade teacher Lori Piper said.


“I like the shorts all year round; I really like not having to tell people to wear their ID’s, and I don’t care about the leggings,” eighth grade teacher James O’Donnell.
“I LOVE it,” ninth grade student Mackenzie Naglowsky said.
“I love it. The shorts all year round is a real plus,” ninth grade student KJ Futrell said.


“I think it’s for the better because no one likes wearing pants,” ninth grade Ben Warren said.
“I’m thankful that we don’t have to wear collared shirts and khakis or ID’s,” seventh grader Travis Carr-Keefe said.


“I still believe leggings are a distraction,”eighth grade student Kyra Young said.


“I mean, I can see how somethings are considered distractions, but for the most part they are good,” eighth grade student Lyzee Wilson said.


“All around they are good changes, but I can see how the leggings could be controversial,” ninth grader Dan Kennedy said.


“Changes were good, but I’m happy about the rules we kept,” ninth grader Gabriel Solis said.