Drugs assembly changes perspective of young students

Chris Herren shares his story hoping to make a difference in the lives of young teens


On Sept. 21 at 9 a.m  ninth grade students joined high school students and heard about Chris Herren’s life changing experience with narcotics. Chris decided to share his story about his struggle with substance abuse. His story touched the hearts of the students.

Going into the assembly many ninth grade students didn’t know who Chris Herren was.

“I thought it was just going to be another sob story,” ninth grade student Khayla Murray said.

This was no ordinary assembly. Chris’ presentation about his life made some students emotional.

”I found the emotions respectful and I was personally was very emotional,” Murray said.

Some  students were brave enough to stand up and share their questions in front of everyone. For some students they couldn’t build up the courage. That doesn’t mean that they didn’t have any questions. now what would they say.“

Katie Plowman would ask, “How did it affect your wife and kids?”

His words have really affected they way that students see the world outside of them.

“Walking out I felt really sad about hearing his story; I want to be the good that can help,” Peterman said.

After hearing this, the perspective of the students changed for the better.

“Seeing as though some students were laughing while others had the courage to tell their stories was surprising to see what society has come to,” Peterman said.

His story of substance abuse showed students the effects that drugs have on the user and the people around them. For some students they saw beneath the surface and learned a little bit more.

”Choose wisely who your friends are,” Plowman said.

After taking the time out of the day this assembly changed the normal school day for the students.

“I was very upset, but I was also proud for everyone who stood up,” Peterman said.