Employment hard to find for fourteen year olds

Apply to Dairy Queen if you’re old enough!


Julia Pitts

Due to the lack of money in 14 year old’s hands, many want to start looking for a job. It isn’t uncommon for minors to want a source of money other than constantly asking  parents. And sure minors could do babysitting but what about a reliable source of money?

One of the only franchises to hire 14 year olds is Dairy Queen, or at least that’s what the website claims. At the Dairy Queen Brazier on 701 Valley View Blvd, Altoona, PA 16602, the assistant manager Tyler Walker proves that to be very rare.

“The youngest ever to be hired at our store was 15, but we mainly shoot for 16 year olds,” Walker said.

Due to that statement, 14 year olds will most likely not be hired thus disappointing many young ones. On the bright side, people who are 15 have been hired in the past which means the young minors would only have to wait one more year before sending in an application. If you meet the age requirements a job at Dairy Queen would be perfect.

“The average worker starts out at making minimum wage, but they get raises. We also do really well at working around after school activity schedules,” Walker said.

So not only do students get a paycheck, but they can also stay in sports.

In conclusion, 14 year olds are just going to have to hold off on a job because places just don’t hire people that young. Although it is upsetting, suck it up and wait until next year!