Stranger Things in 1980’s

Season Two Theories

There have been so many theories about what is going to happen in season two. It has already been confirmed season two is coming out on Oct. 31, 2017. That’s going to take forever! So, people have been questioning and questioning about the season. People have been making so many theories they basically have already told the whole season already.

Some theories are that Hopper is going to die, Eleven isn’t going to return for season two and that  a new girl Max is going to get in the middle of Mike’s relationships with friends. Two of these very few theories aren’t true. The Duffer Brothers have confirmed that Eleven is going to return and Max will be a newcomer. It is still open about Hopper though.

Stranger Things has dominated the red carpet, won big at the SAG Awards and won the best ensemble in a drama series. This series has been such a great hit that the Duffer Brothers are worried they won’t be able to make the new season better than the first, but they have challenged themselves to try to make an outstanding season two. Let’s just hope they stick to their word.