DIY: Paper Flowers

March 20, 2017

This week’s DIY is paper flowers. They are easy to make once you figure it out, and are a cute decoration to put anywhere in your home. You could even use them as decorations for a party! They are a wonderful decoration, and so did everyone else that saw them.

There are three flowers that you can make. A small flower using one inch paper, a medium flower using two inch paper or a large flower using three inch paper. It does take some time to make, it took me around 20 minutes to make a large flower. I found this at I made a slight adjustment to the materials. The paper that is used has water color on it, but I used pink construction paper.



-hot glue


-hot glue


Step One: Cut three inch by three inch pieces of paper from the construction paper.

Step Two: Fold the pieces in half and cut a little more than half of each piece. When you get to the top, start to turn the scissors so it makes “petal” more rounded at the top.

Step Two: Roll one piece together so it is round, then use hot glue to glue it together

Step Three: Place glue on the corner of another piece of paper and place it on the edge of the bottom of the already round piece. Put glue on the other corner and place it on as well.

Step Four: Continue placing “petals” on until you are happy with the size of your flower and how it looks.

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