Miss Bauer in Greece


5 Weeks Later…

Funny/Interesting things I’ve learned and noticed after being in Greece for 5 weeks….

  • Every time you meet someone, you will be greeted with two kisses on both cheeks
  • Most Greeks are very open and tell you their whole life story after only talking for five minutes
  • Toilet paper DOES NOT go in the toilet. Instead, it goes in the garbage can because it doesn’t disintegrate in the water here.

Admittedly I’m still struggling to remember to do this…..

  • Even if the weather is 80 degrees, no one wears dresses until at least June
  • Greece has driving rules, but no one follows them
    • Ex: You can basically park wherever you want as long as you are not blocking a main road.
  • Stray dogs and cats roam all of the streets; however, the locals feed them their leftovers so technically they are community pets
  • Smoking is allowed everywhere…restaurants, outside schools, in coffee shops, etc.
  • Stereotypical breakfast foods (bacon, eggs, toast, pancakes, cereal) are not a huge thing here. Everyone eats pastries filled with cheese and a lot of sugar filled pastries (I should probably make a dentist appointment to see if I have a cavity.)
  • Graffiti and abandoned buildings, even in suburbs, are a very normal thing to see
  • Ed Sheeran is the most popular artist right now
  • Siesta hours occur from 3-5p.m. every day, which means that stores close and take a break for two hours every day
  • Every single person owns a leather jacket…even grandmas
  • If you choose not to eat every single piece of food on your plate you will get a look from any Greek person or the waiter
  • Getting food in a box to go is not common, which makes the above bullet point incredibly difficult
  • Espressos and frappes are common coffee drinks and are so strong they will have your hands shaking for a couple of hours
  • Police are used more to make tourists feel safe
  • Teachers are treated with the utmost respect