Student council continues


Chastity Brunner

Wooo Hooo! Elizabeth Bronson, Jessica Hogan and Michele Anderson pose for a photo before the student council Christmas party on Dec. 11. The leaders kept the party alive and continued to have many events and games throughout the night

Since the early 1900’s student council has existed. Student council members help run the school. But, when do they get to have fun?

This small group of members keep the school alive and help come up with various events to keep the school running.

Student council primarily consists of ten to thirty students. The AAJHS has gone above and beyond, and just in the ninth grade class of 2021 they have around sixty students.

Recently, the AAJHS seventh, eighth and ninth grade student councils got together on Dec. 11. The members got a break from all of the work they always do, and they also got to have some fun.

Members got to play various games starting out with drawing snowmen on paper plates on top of their heads. After that, the grades split up and ninth grade played a listening game where they had the chance to win a box of candy. Then, ninth grade played a candy cane game where you had to have a candy cane in your mouth to pick up another candy cane without hands. After playing the candy cane game, members ate cookies and finished the night off with bingo.