Ninth graders frustrated with food choices

Where's the beef?

January 12, 2018


Stevie Hoover

Where’s the beef? Cafeteria runs out food for 9th graders on a daily basis. Picture credit: Stevie Hoover

After a long morning of learning and hard work, and as the afternoon approaches, I begin to think “Man, I am so hungry, I can’t wait for lunch” as my stomach growls. As usual, I think this same thought every day at this time until finally, it’s time for lunch. I stroll right into the cafeteria and look around. Then it hits me … where did all the food go?

By the time ninth graders arrive at the cafeteria to receive their lunch, at least half of the food is gone. Hamburgers, chicken nuggets, pretzels, chicken patties, PB&J sandwiches, turkey and cheese sandwiches–all gone. And this isn’t a monthly thing, no, this happens on a daily basis. Everyday, I walk into a half empty cafeteria. It looks as if right before ninth graders arrived, the cafeteria was robbed of their food. It’s difficult not to panic when I look around and see half of the food completely gone. Not to mention, the chocolate milk disappears now and then too, and actually most of the time there is barely any milk left at all.

Now to be fair, is there at least some food left? Yes, however “at least some food” doesn’t feed all of ninth grade. Did I mention it gets kind of chaotic too? Imagine ninth graders running around the cafeteria trying to grab any food left before it’s gone–sounds like a thriller flick.

So, ninth graders, to get the food that is left, have to wait in an extremely long line because, well, all of ninth grade is waiting in those lines to get the little food that is still remaining. Not to mention, sometimes waiting in those lines is absolutely pointless because once it is my turn to order, the decent food-of course–is gone. I have lost track of how many times I have waited in a line and right when I go up to give my order, the lunch lady says, “Sorry, we’re all out.” However, let’s say I wait in a line that takes about 15 minutes (and maybe a couple minutes added for the line cutters) for a buffalo chicken wrap. When my turn comes I order my meal. Once I get back to my table, I have lost a substantial amount of eating time. That’s right, once I finally pay for my meal, I and the rest of ninth grade only have so many minutes left to eat, which is utterly ridiculous.

All in all, half of the food is gone and  it takes 15 minutes to get whatever food is left  (if anything is left at all), and because of that I have a limited amount of time to eat. This is clearly unfair—no matter what I do, I can’t win at having an enjoyable lunch anymore.

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