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Photo courtesy of coolhardconcrete from Photobucket.


So, Suzuki is pulling out of the car business here in America.  I never thought of Suzuki as being a really attractive or desirable car maker.  When it stops selling them, and that will be soon, nobody will really notice.  They are still going to make motorcycles, but not cars which is smart because they are known for their good motorcycles.

Suzuki announced earlier this month that they are filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to restructure their business.  Volkswagen had helped Suzuki financially, until Volkswagen wanted out of the deal.  Suzuki never really caught on to style and their designs were so quirky that it really didn’t catch popularity with American drivers.  There’s one good thing, they will still supply parts and accept current warranties.  The whole company didn’t file for bankruptcy, only Suzuki in America.

The only car Suzuki made that still remains in auto history is the Samurai.  The Samurai, was known to be a flop, and to tip over on a sharp turn.  What do you think? Will their cars be missed?