Top 5 movies to watch during Halloween


Myah Lear

Happy Halloween! Lindsay Zerbee’s class poses for a picture of everyone in their Halloween costumes. The class took a break to get a picture for the newspaper for the Livewire Halloween gallery.

There are many different movies that air or have aired during October. Many include scary movies or fun cartoon movies. Some of the top Halloween movies range in both scary and cartoon sections.


IT has been one of the reigning Halloween movies for a while, especially with the newer IT movies airing. IT is based off the book IT by Stephen King written in 1986. People have been watching it every Halloween since Nov. 18, 1990 when the movie was made. In the movies, a group of young kids and teens were brought together by the clown, known as IT. The group works toward defeating IT. At the end of the first part, the children successfully banish IT for 27 years. In the second part of the movies, IT returns while the group are disbanded all across the country. They reunite over IT coming back. Watch the movie to find out the ending.

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus has been around since July 16, 1993. It was made by David Kirschner and brought to life the movie by Kenny Ortega. The movie is about a little a little girl and her big brother battling witches, the Sanderson Sisters. They team up with a little black cat and a zombie. This movie is a good family friendly watch and is on cable every Halloween.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Yes, this movie is called the The Nightmare before Christmas, but it is also based on Halloween. It is about all of the Halloween characters wanting to take over Christmas. They encounter many struggles towards achieving this goal but maybe they eventually do. One of the costumes people see almost every year in school for costume day is Jack Skellington. He is the main character of The Nightmare Before Christmas. This movie also shown during Christmas if anyone misses it on Halloween.


The Halloween movies are a scary series of movies that are on cable every Halloween. They are some of the classic scary Halloween movies. There are a total of 11 Halloween movies. The main antagonist of Halloween is Michael Myers. Michael Myers is driven to kill in Haddonfield, not in any other town. He returns there every Halloween to kill, as the title is based on. Michael Myers started his sprees at a young age. Seemingly unkillable, he gets away with it.


Not to be confused with the TV series, Scream is a series of 4 movies that started in 1996. The movie focuses on Sidney Presscot, while dealing with the anniversary of her mother’s death, is attacked by the antagonist known as Ghostface. In the movies, all the characters are fully aware that their are murders going on centered around Sidney Presscot. They are aware of all the horror movie cliches and leads them to have some sort of knowledge of horror. In each movie the same killer is Ghostface or Ghostface copycats who sometimes have accomplices.