Dribble Dribble Swish: Freshman girls basketball

Photo courtesy of Cody Penman

Photo courtesy of Cody Penman

Photo courtesy of Cody Penman

In preparation for their season the girls condition and practice a lot.

“There are 10 girls on the freshman team,” Addisyn McGregor said.

To prepare for the games the girls practice everyday for two hours.

 “During practice we practice our plays and condition,” McGregor said.

The girls start their official basketball practice Nov 16.

Basketball is a huge part in McGregor’s life.

 “I have been playing basketball ever since I was eight years old,” McGregor said .

She is very excited about the season ahead for her and her team mates!  Offense and defense are both very important in the game of basketball. But, McGregor likes offense more than defense.

“Offense, because I get to score points,” McGregor said.

 There are five spots that need filled on the court and Mcgregor is underneath.

“I am  a forward.”

 There are some challenging things that you can learn in practice that you need to also try to learn out of practice.

“ I practice ball handling and shooting whenever I have free time.”

Although, there are only 10 players on the team that can get them very far.

“ I think we will do well this year because we have gotten a lot closer, and know each other better.”

Since the team is really close they bond all the time.

 “ We hangout all the time,” McGregor said .

 The season for the freshman girls starts really soon.  The girls are all very talented and they are all really good at basketball, so they will have a very good season! Their first game is Dec 7.  Come out and cheer the girls on their first game!