Matched trilogy: Descriptions about all the books in the trilogy

The Matched trilogy Matched, Crossed, and Reached
In courtesy of tumblr.

The Matched trilogy Matched, Crossed, and Reached In courtesy of tumblr.

The Matched trilogy Matched, Crossed and Reached
In courtesy of tumblr.

“On the top of the hill when Cassia saw Ky sitting at the top with his face to the sun is my favorite part in matched,” ninth grader Kearsten Sprankle said.

I truly love the first book and how we see Cassia fall in love with Ky throughout the book. She struggles with who she is, and we get to experience how she discovers who she is.

The second book in the trilogy is Crossed. In this book Cassia lives in the farmlands and works in camps. One day officials come to take all the aberrations away. An aberration in the society is someone who committed a crime, or a mother or a father committed the crime. Cassia poses as an aberration to set out on a journey to find Ky. Ky was taken away last book because he is also an aberration. Once she gets to the outer provinces Cassia finds that Ky had run away to get back to Cassia. Cassia and her friend Indie from the camp go with a boy who know where Ky went. Cassia and Indie go into a carving and the other boy split up from them. They travel days and days. In the book it switches back and forth from Cassia talking to Ky talking. They both talk about the journey. Cassia wants to find the rising and join it. Little did she know Xander her match was in the rising. Ky and Cassia find each other and go find the rising together. They spend many nights under the stars together. Once they find the rising they both got work positions but they weren’t together. Cassia was stationed in the society to work for the rising. Ky was stationed outside the borders of the society to work for the rising.

“When Ky and Cassia reunite again is my favorite part in Crossed,” Sprankle said.

I love the adventure in this book. I love the struggles and the different points of view throughout the book. It is a very good book.

The third book Reached comes out Nov. 13, 2012. This book is about the rising and who Cassia will choose to spend her life with.
By the end of Reached I hope that Cassia will end up with Ky. She truly does love him, and really wants to choose who she loves and how she lives her life.

Sprankle thinks that Cassia will pick Ky in the end.

“Ky, because so far she had done anything for him,” Sprankle said.

Many people think different things but we will see in the end.

“I want Cassia to end up with Xander, because he ended up being in the rising and Cassia never knew.  All she ever wanted was a way out of the society and with Ky she could.  Although she fell in love with Ky, Xander is her best friend and looks out for her.  He truly loves her and with him Cassia could be with someone whos good for her and still have what she wants,” Sprankle said.

Personally, I think that Cassia will pick Ky at the end of Reached.  I really want Cassia and Ky to end up together. They make a great couple. They can be themselves around each other more than they can with anybody else. They have so many secrets that they share together that brings them closer. When Ky teaches Cassia how to write, and  it is so sweet! It is one of my favorite parts of the book! I believe that the society will change in a very good way allowing more freedom. Xander will probably choose someone he has always loved to be with forever. I really can not wait to see what happens.