What is your favorite subject and why?


Azare`yah White-Mrs.Plummer(algerbra 2) she’s really exciting.



Connor McCloskey-Drama class because Mr. Klingeman is boss.



Casey Sheetz-Algebra because I like how Mrs.Brown teaches.



Alexia Hamer-Social studies because you learn about different cultures and stuff.



Dylan Seidel-Math because it gives me a challenge.



Kailyn Stoltz-American Cultures because I like history.



Breanna Wuckovich-Integrated Science because science deals with a lot of team work and you learn to work well with others.



Casey Rispoli-Reading because Mrs. Good is fun.



Regan Baker- Information processing because it is fun, and we get to learn how to type.



Gian Albright-  Math because I like a challenge.