Drama class acts out


Drama class acting though as if they won the lottery.

Drama class acting though as if they won  the lottery.
Drama class acting as though  they won the lottery. Photo by Madison Shetrom

Drama class is preparing for upcoming skits. They are learning how to break their shells and become a better actor/actress. They do daily exercises to make them expressive.

 “We have been doing pantomiming; it is almost the same thing as miming and using motions telling a story without saying or mouthing words,” ninth grader Logan McGeary said.

They have been doing skits on their own and in front of class members for awhile. Some of the skits are dancing on the stage in front of an audience. Other times they do improv. They sometimes have to make up plays on their owns in a group.

Some students have advice for underclassmen.

 “I advise them to take the class. If they like to perform or if they are in actual drama club. Mr. Klingeman does sort of the same things and if you’re a really shy person the class helps you break down your walls,” ninth grader Megan Fisher said.

“Do it just get out and take the class you will find out more about yourself in this class then you will ever in your whole life,” McGeary said.

“My favorite part about drama is performing, standing out to others and people in the class” McGeary said.

“I actually get excited to go to school everyday because of drama class”  Fisher said.