Seventh, eighth grade football teams end season

Seventh, eighth grade football teams end season

Both the eighth and seventh grade football teams fought within the games but the eighth grade team just pulled through it more than the seventh. Eighth grade ended the season undefeated. Seventh ended with a 0-6 season

 “ We did pretty good, we reached our goal of undefeated. We could have scored a little more and one better on defense,” eighth grade white team’s running back Tyler Petucci #25 said.

“ We are pretty good on offense and defense just on specialties. We do walk throughs because its routine and I like routine,” Petucci said

 Both teams worked hard and have different things they need to improve on.

“We should be more disciplined. We do warm ups and it gets us loosened up,”  seventh grade running back/ receiver/ cornerback Connor Adams #11 said .

There is a different perspective of how players looked at the season and how the coaches looked at the season.

 “Well record wise we didn’t win a game ,we were 0-6. We lost every game, and every game was close. We lost a couple of tough ones but I think our kids got better and I think our kids learned a lot about football this year so in that respect this year was a success, if you’re just looking at wins and losses some would say it wasn’t a successful year, but I think it was,” seventh grade coach Tim Mitchell said.

“Well I think we always look back to see what could have gone better. We had a couple kids injured. I think if they would have been healthy the whole year it would have been different. We had a couple kids quit and so we had to move kids around to different positions. If we blocked better and tackled better we would have done better.” Mitchell said.

 The seventh grade team did a lot to prepare for a game they just never got through the game.

“ Yeah we always practice special teams, kickoff, kickoff return, punt , punt return. We run over our play we practice that I think our kids were well prepared for the games,“ Mitchell said.

There were a lot of struggles for the seventh grade team.

 “Not good because we did not work together, we need to be a better team, work on tackling because we didn’t tackle anyone,” seventh grader Carson Weyandt  receiver  #33, said.

Coach Rocco DePiro held high expectations for the eighth grade players.

‘Well we were able to go undefeated this year so I thought the kids responded well , worked very hard and had a great season,”  DePiro said.

 “The thing is getting more players out. We played with only 22 kids this year , as ninth grade squad that’s not going to cut it at that level, also the kids need to get stronger,” DePiro said.

Depiro coached seventh grade last year.

“Last year I coached the same team in seventh grade . We won 6-1 so I knew there was a possibility we could go undefeated this year so expectations were high,” DePiro said.

Both coaches hope to have more players go out for the teams next year.