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Welcome to the Hot Arts blog. In this weekly blog, I will discuss the hot artists in today’s music weekly.


                                                Week of October 26, 2013


1) Starting this week off for top artists is Lorde. Only 17, she is a Singer/songwriter from New Zealand who started her debut on Nov. 22, 2013 with her first Album “Pure Heroine”. And the song that rocketed her to the top “Royals”. She won a Silver Scroll award for this song.

2) Second for this weeks most popular artists is Miley Cyrus. You all know her, one of today’s hottest artists. She stole second place with her song “Wrecking Ball”. Receiving reviews of all kinds, there is no doubt this song became extraordinarily popular when it hit the charts.

3) Last, but not least, coming in third on the charts, is Katy Perry. She won the spot of third hottest artist with her newest song “Roar”.  Part of her 2013 studio album “Prism”



That wraps up this weeks most popular artists. Tune in next week for another update.


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