Handing it in for health


Instead of a treat to try, here’s one to avoid; Ritz. Ritz crackers contain high fructose corn syrup. Why do people  need sugar in crackers? They don’t, it seems totally unnecessary and just adds hidden calories to the food. For more information, or snacks people should avoid go to: http://www.snack-girl.com/snack/ritz-crackers/

Tis’ the season for cold and flus. Here are a few ways to minimize the risk of catching a virus.

Keep warm, shivering depresses the immune system and makes people more likely to catch a cold.

Wash  hands, viruses are not only airborne but can be transmitted by surfaces and physical contact.

Avoid huddling. Being close to people makes it much easier for infections to be passed.

Last, get some sleep! Lack of sleep makes people more prone to infection.

For more information on how to stay health for the holidays visit http://www.oscillo.com/features/stay-healthy/Germ-X