Drama queens


Brittany Dancha, grade 9. is the drama queen of the week. Despite not getting a role in the upcoming production of Peter Pan Junior she continues to work hard and participate in all Drama events.

Weekly post with information on the girls of drama.

Drum roll please. This weeks Drama Queen of the week is Brittany Dancha.  She is in love with dramatics, and she is really one of a kind.

Brittany has participated in many drama organized events such as plays and after school drama improvs.  In class, her favorite memory is playing the game Hitch Hiker.  The concept of the game is five people in an imaginary car and five people outside the car.  The people outside the car pick an emotion out of the Basket of Emotions and no one knows what it is.  One by one, the people outside enter the car and play the emotion they got. Once one of the people in the car catch on they start feeling that emotion too.  When all the people inside figure it out they go back to normal and go to the next person.

Along with being in drama she is in the school band and plays the clarinet.  She has played the clarinet for nine years. Dancha is also a part of chorus and has done two concerts for it.  In addition, since the age of seven she has twirled winning a total of four national titles.  Currently Dancha twirls with Show Twirlers.

In her spare time she enjoys twirling, dancing and hanging out with Alexa Young.  Dancha’s favorite play is the musical Legally Blonde.  Her favorite actress is Kristen Wiig who has been in Despicable Me and on SNL.

 “I admire how she can think off the top of her head and become any character she sets her mind to,” Dancha said.

“Drama lets you be yourself and makes you breakdown your walls and be quirky and funny.”  – Brittany Dancha