Study halls could benefit students

Study halls could benefit students
Students stress over all of the work they get in school and have no time to do it with other activities. Students have struggled to finish and turn in their assignments on time. Photo by Hannah Barr and Hanna Feathers

Does it feel like there is no time to finish schoolwork or homework? Do sports take up so much time that there is no time to study or finish homework? Are the students struggling with their grades and need extra help but there’s no spare time? Study hall can help students to fix all of these things.

Study hall could give students extra time in school to finish homework or class work before they leave that period. If sports take up the so much time, students can use this time to their advantage.

The school and students could benefit from study halls because the students could get their homework done and any missed assignments finished. The teachers could benefit from it because they would have more time to prepare for their future classes. Having study halls would also help the students keep their grades up by getting their work done. During study hall, kids can get help in things that they are struggling with.

Jerry Koehle, ninth grade principal, said that study halls can provide time for students to complete assignments or study. Koehle said study halls would be beneficial for students if they use their time wisely for it. He was concerned about students using time for studies.

The students and teachers could find that study halls can be beneficial to both of them. The students could have one less elective so that their schedule will be able to fit in the study hall.