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All grades finish benchmarks


This is the time of year when students are rushing to get tests, projects and presentations done for the end of the second marking period. Some of these classes are studying hard for their upcoming tests. Some seventh graders are having their first benchmark project. Having so many projects and tests to do in such a short amount of time can be stressful, especially for these new seventh graders. Eighth graders are being introduced to public speaking, some of them must do presentations for their benchmark projects. Everyone handles stress differently, and it all depends on the amount of work and the person.


Morgan McNolde is presenting her Benchmark project to her English class. Although benchmarks can be stressful, McNolde seems to be taking well to her oral report. She keeps constant eye contact and is really getting into her presentation.
Photo by Becca Gallace



Lori Piper’s fourth period class is reviewing for their benchmark next week. The students are taking notes on what Piper is going over. The seventh grade students do not have benchmarks as early as the eighth and ninth graders.
Photo by Becca Gallace



Casey Rispoli is smiling at the camera while he is looking at the Promethean board to take more notes. He has a full page of notes and he seems ready for this test!
Photo by Becca Gallace



John Wharton’s fourth period reading class is looking stressed from the benchmark they are currently taking. The period is almost over and the students are beginning to finish up.
Photo by Becca Gallace



Sadie Rhyner is in her Introduction to 3D art class. She is working on her benchmark project. She is just putting on her first layer of paint to her clay project that is due in a few days.
Photo by Becca Gallace



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