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Students need phones in school


Schools throughout the country have different rules on phones in schools.  This school district is on a strict no phone policy.  It would be a benefit to allow students phones in school instead of a mistake.

Cell phones nowadays are involved in nearly all teens lives.  They rely on them to communicate with others, research information and entertain themselves with extra features on the device and online.

There are many discussions that occur between the option of having cell phones in school or not.  While many adults think that students would abuse the opportunity to have phones in school there are some benefits.  There is over 775,000 apps in the App Store and there are many that could help students understand a certain concept in class better.  For example,  there are calculators and foreign language apps.

Cell phones in general can aid students to a better understanding of topics and many schools allow the use of them.  They can also help by using music to escape the noises surrounding them and help concentrate better.  Everyone uses different techniques for modifying their learning process.  For example, some students find it more difficult to do school work with complete silence.  Schools should give students the option.

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