Drama Queen


Photo courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

This week’s drama queen of the week is Raven Anderson.

In drama Anderson  often studies drama techniques. One being improvisation, and other things she finds to be fun and helpful to apply to everyday situations.  To help her acting and improvisation skills she often participates in the after school drama activities that are optional and open to anyone wanting to participate.  These after school events bring big amount of students from all grades and no acting skill or experience is needed to attend it. You can sit and watch others show their skill or be part of the action.

She most recently is involving herself in Peter Pan, the upcoming school play.  With the different sceneries and props Anderson wanted to help with stage crew. She has done multiple things to help make the play a better show by painting props and backgrounds.

Anderson enjoys drama so much it is her favorite class.  She went in expecting the class to be just a filler class but came to find it something to look forward to in the school day.  in drama, without realizing it she was showing herself more often and finds herself to be a “drama dork”.  The one thing she has difficulty with is the vocab used for the class.

Her favorite actor is Adam Sandler.  She admires how he shows dimension in acting techniques and can make anyone laugh.  He can also make others forget their worries and relax.  improv being one of Anderson’s most favorite things to do for drama she finds a role model in Sandler because he is fantastic at it.   Anderson’s most favorite play is Phantom of the Opera because its unique all in itself.

“  No matter how tall and big your walls are they break them down and gives people something to do,” Raven said.