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School needs more sports options


Schools across the nation have multiple sports that get students active and involved in school events.  Schools need to add more sports to add more variety and to help students better showcase their unknown talents.  With common sports such as football, basketball and baseball there is not  much opportunity for them to become involved in school events.

Today teens have become more accustomed to more unique ideas and uncommon sports.  For example, lacrosse is not a common sport, but through the years is becoming more and more popular.  The idea of lacrosse is that there are two goals, like in soccer, with players wearing protective equipment, like in football.  There is a small circular ball that is tossed from each participant by them catching it with a long stick with a net pouch attached to it called, “lacrosse sticks”.  Another sport that schools could include to increase student participation is bicycling.   It does not take a lot of of skill and is easy to many.

Multiple students when asked said they enjoy the activities that they participate in during gym.  Things such as field hockey.  This takes less coordination than actual hockey.  In the state of Pennsylvania alone there are over 700 girls field hockey teams.  It would be easier for those who are unable  to skate and balance on the ice.  Another option would be badminton.  It is an easy concept game with few roles and little cardio.

Several years ago an intramural sports program existed allowing for multiple activities and ways to get students involved that weren’t team sports.  These programs would be wonderful to have now.

Teens in this generation are looking for things that are not typical and can help represent themselves.  If schools were to add sports like skateboarding and BMX, attendance would also increase.  Adding sports that require less effort and can be easily taught are the ones that will bring more students  to participate in the activity.

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