Drama Queens

picture by madison james
Ninth grader Emily Baker. Baker has been in almost every production since seventh grade .

Weekly post with information on the girls of drama.

 This week’s Drama Queen is Emily Baker.

Baker has been very active in the previous years school plays.  In seventh grade she was known as the character Gretel in Rose Red.  Also, that year she was in the ensemble for Seussical Jr.  the next year, as an eighth grader, she was in 30 reasons Not To Be In a Play as Susie.  Susie was an annoying little girl who wanted to play with her neighbor.  This year though she was unable to participate in Peter Pan due to a busy schedule.

 Drama is Baker’s favorite class.  The thing she looks forward to is the rush she gets while performing on stage.  She also likes working on stage movements and expression through stage movements.  She finds it easier in Drama to act ditzy.  Improv can be difficult for Baker to do though.  Outside of Drama she maintains a busy schedule on the competitions team for Blair Dance.

Baker’s favorite TV show is American Horror Story.  She likes the different plot and characters every new season.  Along with it being her favorite show it features her favorite actor, Evan Peters.  She likes most about him is his ability to portray being different emotions but mainly crazy and the character he plays itself.

Her top pick play is The Outsiders.  In seventh grade, for the Drama trip to Pittsburgh they saw the play and she loved it.

“Drama makes you more open with people and about yourself.  Be yourself and don’t let other people judge you for who you want to be,” Emily baker said.