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Be fashionable: be bold

This week’s edition of #OOTW, it’s all about ‘’ being bold.’’ Feel like there’s too many of the same things out right now? Feel too in the crowd? Want to stand out and be bold? Good news! There are tons of ways to be bold, whether it be your personality, clothes, etc.  Here’s some tips to help you shine with your new, bold fashion self.

 The first way to be bold this spring season is to be different; try prints. Prints such as floral match perfectly with the spring scenery.  Larger printed pants make the outfit stand out more unlike littler printed pants. Even summer/ spring dresses with floral print look great on anyone. With the prints, try to keep around only 3-4 colors. Most designers are making prints with less going on so the people are more able to add accessories.

 Another idea with pants for the coming up season is solid, yet bright, vibrant colors. A pair of neon like pants and a simple white shirt and an aqua blue necklace would make you stand out and be bold.

Try wearing more accessories to spice up an outfit. Something as simple as pearl bracelets could add a sophisticated yet fashionable look to the outfit. Try bigger bracelets, like bangled ones, earrings and necklaces.  With the accessories, try adding more colorful accessories with a duller, less colorful outfit to make it stand out more rather than having too many colors at once.

Wearing more fitting clothes that flatter the shape of the body can really be benefiting. Dark colors can drown out the face so make sure to wear bright vibrant colors, like said before. Get ready for spring because it’s coming soon. With these helpful tips, go out there and be bold!

Stay tuned for next week’s edition of #OOTW!

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