Reel Time

This week on Reel Time the movie is Step Brothers.

 “Step Brothers is my favorite movie because it’s really funny.” said ninth grader Andrew Vanderheyden.

Step Brothers is a truly hilarious raunchy film with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. Both of the actors, Ferrell and Reilly, were famous on Saturday Night Live. Saturday Night Live is a skit show that many of today’s funny actors originate from.

“My favorite character is Dale Doback because John C. Reilly is hilarious,” Vanderheyden said.

The movie hit box office in 2008. It was directed by Adam McKay who also was the director of Anchor Man 2:  The Legend Continues.

The comedic film is about two middle age men, whom still live at home, who become roommates after their parents get married. This movie is full of laughs because you get to go through the adventure of Brennen, Will Ferrell, and Dale, John C. Reilly, go from enemies to best friends.