Yolo: Things to do before you die

The Arenal Volcano during mid-day.
Photo by Paul Neatour

I remembered from last year my science teacher showed us a power-point of when he went to a see a volcano erupt. So, I searched him down and asked him about what it was like. If I visited a volcano it would be pretty cool to exaggerate my experience of climbing a volcano and say  “I almost died when trying to reach the top of the volcano”

Paul Neatour was my eighth grade science teacher. He didn’t go to just one volcano but two volcanoes. They were named the Arenal Volcano and Kilauea Volcano. Arenal is located in Costa Rica and Kilauea is located in Hawaii.

“I could see Arenal erupting at night,” Neatour said.

What he told me about the Arenal Volcano seems more interesting so I did some research on it. I used the website http://geology.com/volcanoes/arenal/ . I found out that it is one of the most active volcanoes in that country and in the world. Arenal has been almost continuously active since 1968. It is a dangerous volcano with ashes flying everywhere and,there are danger zones where no one can go.

“We didn’t climb that far because of danger zones,” Neatour said.

“I felt in danger at one point because the ground started shaking, there was an earthquake,” Neatour said.

That would be kind of freaky, like just to be walking up the side of a volcano then all the sudden the volcano starts shaking. I would’ve thought it was erupting rapidly  and start running down the volcano screaming, “Run, you’re going to die!” to all the people I saw as I was running down. But now I know that that is completely normal.

I would imagine my highlight of the trip of visiting the Arenal Volcano would be to watch it glow at night. I love lava lamps and stuff that glows, but it would be ten times better to see a volcano glowing at night. I hope to someday see this volcano in person.

“It’s definitely in my top five coolest things I have ever done,” Neatour said.