Yolo: Things to do before you die

Credit to Flickr.com
By torbakhopper

This year I am feeling in the pranky kind of mood for Christmas. I found out what Miriam Colledge did to John Wharton a few years ago and it gave me the perfect prank idea.

Everybody loves to unwrap presents. But for Wharton, he might not like to deal with wrapping paper anymore since eighth grade English Teacher Colledge wrapped all of his classroom items in wrapping paper.

At the Old Roosevelt Junior high school, Wharton had played a little prank on Colledge. So, Colledge went up and beyond on getting him back. Knowing Colledge this sounds like something she would do. She was my coach for basketball last year so I got to know every side of her.  Alright back to the prank. Colledge planned this prank with the help of her students.

“My students that year wanted to get back at him. They brought in wrapping paper and tinsel,” Colledge said.

We weren’t even sure if we would be able to go through with the prank, but then he forgot to lock the door when he left for lunch,” Colledge said.

Colledge and her students wrapped his computer monitor and placed tinsel all over the desks. They also hung tinsel from the ceiling. Mr. Wharton knew exactly who did though. For my prank I don’t want to the person knowing who did it right away I want it to be a mystery they have to figure out.

Here’s my prank plan. I am going to go to my aunts work and while she is working. I am going to wrap everything in her car in wrapping paper. The steering wheel, the mirrors, the seatbelt and put a bow on the horn and attach a piece of paper saying “Merry Christmas” on it and since it would be during work she will think someone at work did but really it was me.

This Christmas will be surely one to remember!