Think Pink


Being pink is making people think!

 Pink is the color that represents the common illness known as breast cancer.  It affects both men and women around the globe.  Awareness for the cause is becoming more and more common.  The month that was devoted to the cause is October, but recently organizations have been making a stride to make it a year round thing.

In the local area students have been doing their part too in spreading awareness.  For instance, the high school softball team hosted a pink game to raise money for local charities. The raised over $1,000 for the event.  Also, at Mansion Park there is the yearly Relay For Life where many breast cancer patients and survivors walk for their cause. The ninth grade art class also in the third marking period made luminarias with inspirational words and symbols.  They are bags that have candles inside and the light illuminates the bag.

Outside of local events big corporations also are stocking year round apparel and other items in stores.  For instance, a popular sock known as nike elites for athletes that have a design with the pink ribbon.  Recently they have been stocked for year round purchase rather than during October only.  Also, there are wonder woman, super woman, and other super hero shirts that support breast cancer awareness.

This is an important cause because it is such a common cancer.  It is proven that in 2013 for women there was a one in eight chance in getting invasive breast cancer within their lifetime.  For men in 2013 it was estimated 1 in 1000 risk getting breast cancer in their lifetime.  Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer to women in america.  For a good cause and to help others spread awareness for breast cancer.  Pink is the way to think.