Drama Queens

Drama Queens

Weekly post on the boys and girls of drama.

Ninth grader Caleb Cavanaugh is a student in  Jonathan Klingeman’s drama class. Cavanaugh has not been involved in any of the school productions, but always watches the shows to support his friends. Photo by Joanne Pringle


Weekly posts on the boys and girls of drama.

This week’s drama king of the week is Caleb Cavanaugh.

Cavanaugh is involved in the elective.  He has not yet been in any of the school productions but looks forward to seeing them when they premiere.  He has learned about stage production and the components involved with making a play.  In the class he enjoys the game, Zip Zap Zop which is when a group of students say vocabulary in order and whoever says the wrong vocab word first is eliminated.  This is continued till there is only one person left.  He looks most forward to interacting with the teacher, Jonathan Klingeman.  Cavanaugh likes and finds it easy learning about stage production.  He says that a weakness of his is stage fright.  Some community service he has done for the program is the Mountain Lion Backpack program.

His favorite play is Shrek the Musical.  This production is based off of the hit movies series.  Cavanaughs favorite part of the performance is the dragon puppet because of its features and similarities to the animated original.  Step Brothers is his favorite movie.  It also features Cavanaugh’s favorite actor Will Ferrell.  He likes Ferrell best in Anchorman 2.

“ Drama is a place that breaks down your walls and helps not to be afraid of what others are going to say about you,”  Cavanaugh said.

Drama is a safe haven for people.  It’s a place where others go to let go and be themselves. If the opportunity presents itself become involved in the school’s drama club.  It’s a life changing class and program.